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Private French tuition

Learn French with effective private tuition: You can arrange your French course with your personal language teacher to meet your individual needs. Your special requirements in terms of course content and lesson times will be met and you'll reach your learning objectives in no time.

Course dates

Tuition times and content can be arranged flexibly. Under special conditions, we offer this tailor-made manner of teaching to groups of people who who know each other, are of a similar language level and have the same learning objectives. One tuition period lasts 45 minutes.


Course lengthPrivate courseCourse for 2 peoplePrivate course (15:00 - 17:30)Course for 2 (15:00 - 17:30)
10 hours€ 310€170 pp€295€160 pp
20 hours€ 595€335 pp€570€310 pp
additional 10 hours€295€165 pp€280€150 pp

All prices mentioned are for private individuals only.
For companies, authorities and other establishments prices will be disclosed on request.

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