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German Standard Course

The standard course for German as a foreign language is aimed at learners at every level who would like to improve their level of German, including those who would like to learn the language from scratch. They could be learning German in order to go on to study in Germany, or perhaps for work or just for day to day use in Germany. Our standard language course can be combined with long term courses or one to one tuition. Please note that a level test must be taken before course start, except for complete beginners.

Course Length

This course can be booked on a weekly basis and can easily be combined with long term courses and one to one tuition.

Course Details

Tuition for adults takes place 5 days a week, 4 hours of tuition per day. The maximum number of participants is 12. No classes take place on bank holidays.

Participants who already have knowledge of German can start their course any Monday. Complete beginners can start on the following dates:

  • Dates 2019:
  • 07. January
  • 04. and 18. February
  • 11. March
  • 01. April
  • 20. May
  • 24. June
  • 01., 08., 15., 22. July
  • 05., 12., 19., and 26. August
  • 02. and 16. September
  • 07. October
  • 18. November
  • 09. December

No classes on German holidays


1 week220,- Euro
2 weeks380,- Euro
3 weeks540,- Euro
4 weeks700,- Euro
additional weeks160,- Euro each