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Latin in Frankfurt: Our Latin Courses

Want to brush up on your Latin? Knowledge of Latin is a prerequisite for many university programmes as well as career options. In our Latin courses you will learn this important language quickly and effectively- whether during a week-long crash course or in university-semester accompanying afternoon course. 

Latin is well known for being the official language and lingua franca of the Roman Empire. With the expansion of the former imperium, the importance of the language grew far beyond the boundaries of the Mediterranean. As late as the 19th century vast numbers of scientific and philosophical works were still being written in Latin and Latin was the language of instruction in Universities as well as in the Church.

The modern day significance of the Latin language lies predominantly in the vast lexicon used in the fields of Science, Politics, Theology and Literature which, in fact, continues to expand even today. Knowledge of Latin expands one’s personal outlook as well as general knowledge, in turn smoothing the transition into certain areas of study and career paths. Knowing Latin also eases the learning process in other Romanic languages whose structures and vocabulary still have much in common with their shared ancestor.

In our language school in Frankfurt we can prepare you for the official Latin examinations. Choose from the following Latin courses: