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Business language courses

This language course is ideal for people who need to use a foreign language on a daily basis at work and therefore need to have specific skills at their disposal.

Course times and length

Business language lessons can be attended in an evening course, intensive course or as private tuition.

The evening course takes place once a week, each time consisting of two 45 minute lesson periods. Minimum duration of the language course is 3 months (one month is made up of 4 teaching weeks, excluding public holidays). There are 4-7 students per class.

On the intensive course, six 45 minute lesson periods are held daily from Monday to Friday. Where applicable, this course is recognised by employers as educational leave. There are 4-7 students per class.

In the case of private tuition, the priority is to meet the special requirements of people who want to master business language skills.

Business language courses available in Frankfurt

At our Frankfurt language school we offer regular language courses in Business-English. We are also able to offer business language courses in other languages on request.

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