Terms & Conditions

1. This Registration is legally binding for the weeks, months and hours specified.

2. At the end of this period you are not required to reregister as the course will be extended automatically on a monthly basis, unless we receive cancellation from you in writing. If you do not intend to take part in the course after the initial period please be sure to make a written cancellation. Notice of cancellation should be made at least one month in advance. Cancellation is not necessary for private tuition or for intensive courses.

For cancellations the following fees apply:
- Up to 30 days before course start: 25%
- Up to 15 days before course start: 50%
- Thereafter 90% of the course fees

3. A course month consists of 4 weeks in which tuition takes place. Each lesson is 45 minutes in duration. The tuition fees are to be paid by course start at the very latest. Prices stated are always per person.

4. We do our best to ensure that tuition missed due to bank holidays be recouped at another time, to be agreed upon by the course participants and their teacher. This would lead to an extension of the specified course period.

5. No compensation will be made for missed classes! Absence on an ongoing course (e.g. Evening Classes) due to illness or holidays will be credited when it is:

a) longer than two weeks in duration

b) the school was informed of the holiday at least 2 weeks in advance

Courses will be credited as follows:

3 Missed classes = 1 double lesson, 4 missed classes: 2 double lessons, 5 missed classes: 3 double lessons etc.

Absence due to illness or holidays cannot however be offset against the cancellation period and it can be applied a maximum of two times during any given calendar year.

6. Courses can only take place or be continued when a sufficient number of participants is achieved. (2 people in groups of 3 participants, 3 people in groups of 4 participants and 4 people in groups of 8 participants).

7. Appointments scheduled for one to one classes must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance!

8. ‚Bildungsurlaub‘, or ‚Educational Holiday‘:  When booking and making use of educational holidays participants must take part in their language classes. Absences have to be reported to the school director and employer immediately. Changes to bookings (schedule, course, language) and or cancellation have to be made in writing. This is especially important if the employer fails to accept the requested dates for the educational holiday. In this case we ask you to submit to us the corresponding notice from the employer. Up to 2 rebookings will be made free of charge, for every further alteration we have to charge a rebooking fee of 30-EUR.