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Our language courses in Frankfurt are the perfect complement to school lessons.

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Tutoring in Frankfurt am Main

At our Sprachcaffe language school in Frankfurt am Main, students can also work on their language grades after normal school hours. In addition to tutoring in German and English, we offer every language that students can choose as a third language at German schools. There are many reasons why parents seek tutoring for their children. Some parents do not feel able to help their children with their schoolwork. Others find that their children are more receptive to working through school problems with another person.

Tutoring provides students with individualized attention that they don't get in a crowded classroom. This helps children who are struggling to keep up as well as those who are underachieving. It also keeps students on track during school vacations. Tutoring can be provided in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen or in the form of online lessons from home. In addition to the traditional teaching of problem areas of the students, we also offer homework help in Frankfurt.

Tutoring offers from Sprachcaffe

English tutoring

Improve your English grades with our English tutoring or Abitur preparation in Frankfurt.

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French tutoring

Improve your French after school with our French tutoring in Frankfurt.

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Mathematics tutoring

Prepare for your math exams or Abitur exams with our math tutoring in Frankfurt.

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Spanish tutoring

Prepare for your Spanish exams with our Spanish tutoring in Frankfurt.

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What are the advantages of tutoring with Sprachcaffe?

Tutoring programs can help your child develop learning and study skills that will set them up for success throughout their lives. The benefits of tutoring are many:

Individual and unique learning experience

Your child receives a personalized learning experience that they can't always get in a classroom. The tutors can tailor the lessons and activities precisely to the child.

Improves attitude towards learning and school

With constant encouragement and praise as well as an adapted learning style and pace, your child will no longer feel overwhelmed or frustrated by learning.

Encourages self-determined and self-directed learning

With tutoring, your child gets to know their own learning speed in order to find a self-developed learning strategy in the long term.

Promotes the freedom to ask questions

At school, your child may not always feel comfortable asking questions in front of their classmates. In tutoring, they can ask questions, big or small, without feeling self-conscious.

One-to-one support

The tutors recognize your child's individual learning style and can adapt the methodology of the teaching process accordingly. They act as the child's own private tutor.

Encourages self-determined and self-directed learning

With tutoring, your child learns to take the initiative for their schoolwork. Your child also learns to control the pace of learning.

Promotes independence and responsibility

Your child will gain the ability to complete schoolwork independently and without help. They will recognize their own personal growth and learn to take responsibility for their studies.

Improves school performance

Tutoring prepares for tests and exams while teachers work with the child on specific problem areas. Grades and understanding of the subject matter will improve significantly by working with a tutor.

A pleasant working environment

Tutoring provides a distraction-free environment where there are fewer students and disruptions, so your child can concentrate better on learning.

Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

Your child's self-esteem and self-confidence will be boosted through tutoring as they are given the resources and skills they need to excel at school.

Helps to overcome learning obstacles

The tutor will focus specifically on the aspects of learning that the student has difficulties with - be it writing, arithmetic, language or reading.

Study preparation

Students heading to college learn how to create study plans, develop advanced study skills, and learn good time management. There are numerous benefits of tutoring in college, including reinforcing existing knowledge and gaining a better understanding of the content of a field of study.

Private tuition

Private tutoring can be an effective way to improve academic performance. Through individual attention, the teacher can focus on the student's needs and help them to identify their weak points and problem areas and overcome them with targeted measures and learning strategies.

Our tutors specialize in tailoring lessons to the needs of each individual student and providing targeted exercises to help them achieve their goals. In one-to-one lessons, there are no distractions between learners, which helps the student to progress faster and learn more in less time. The learning goals are achieved much faster and the learning material remains in the mind for a long time.

Through private tutoring, the student can gain more confidence in their abilities and be successful. If you have the potential to improve your school performance, you should seize the opportunity to achieve your goals!

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