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Our offer for learning English in Frankfurt includes intensive courses, evening courses, business English, private lessons, online courses, special holidays or A-level preparation courses for students. Here you can find an overview of all English courses in Frankfurt. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world: it is the official language in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, India and in some Caribbean and African countries. However, you can also communicate well in English in almost all other countries of the world. But English is not only an advantage for private purposes, because good English skills are very valuable for your career in the globalised business world.

Whether it is for your next stay abroad, for a English certificate (Cambridge Certificate, IELTS or TOEFL test) or a career in an international company: Improve your English skills effectively now in an English course tailored to your needs! You can choose whether you prefer to study in the morning or in the evening, with what intensity and whether group or individual lessons are the better choice for you. Our English intensive courses are also recognised for an English educational leave, for example. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will find an English course with a suitable level (A0 to C2) with us. You are not sure about your language level? Just contact us and we will organise a free online English test for you.

Everything important about our evening courses at a glance

Learn English in a relaxed atmosphere: In our evening course you can learn English comfortably after work. This English course is therefore particularly suitable for working people or anyone for whom a language course fits better into evening rather than daytime planning.

Participants with previous knowledge can join an ongoing language course at any time after a placement test and free trial lesson. For placement, come and see us directly or use our online language test. Participants without previous knowledge: Simply contact us to find out the next possible course start date for beginners.

Age: From 18 years

Learning level: We offer English evening courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. In addition, special Business English courses can also be taken in the evenings.

Lessons: Once a week there are 2 lessons of 45 minutes each. One month consists of 4 teaching weeks, holidays are not charged.

Duration: Unlimited, but minimum 3 months

Number of participants: 4-8 people

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Start your Evening Course now From €8,75 per lesson

Everything important about our intensive courses at a glance

Intensive courses are suitable for people who want a compact, intensive refresher and extension of their English skills within a short period of time. They take place in a small group or as individual lessons and are officially recognised as educational leave.

Age of learning group: From 18 years

Learning level: Our intensive English courses are best suited for beginners with previous knowledge, intermediate learners as well as advanced learners.

Lessons: The course consists of 6 lessons of 45 minutes each day, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Number of participants: 4-8 people in a group course or 1-2 people in individual lessons.

Dates and levels of the Intensive English Course

Kursbeginn 2024 2.4 8.4 15.4 22.4 29.4 6.5 13.5 21.6 27.6 3.7 10.7 17.7 24.7
Englisch B1+ B2 C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1
English for Work B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1
Kursbeginn 2024 1.7 8.7 15.7 22.7 29.7 5.8 12.8 19.8 26.8 2.9 9.9 16.9 23.9 30.9
Englisch A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2
English for Work B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2
Kursbeginn 2024 7.10 14.10 21.10 28.10 4.11 11.11 18.11 25.11 2.12 9.12 16.12
Englisch C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1
English for Work B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2 C1 B1 B1+ B2

Everything important about our Business English courses at a glance

Learn English for your job: In our Business English course in Frankfurt, you will improve your English skills and learn specific vocabulary and applications from business life. Training courses with a special focus (for example on IT, medicine, engineering, etc.). Get more information on the topic Language training for the job.

The business language course can be taken as an evening course, as an intensive course or as individual lessons. Details and important information about the differences between the three types of courses can be found below. As the focus of the Business English course is primarily on the business and professional context, an advanced language level of at least B2 is required for an efficient and helpful language course.

Business English Evening Course

  • 1x per week 2 lessons of 45 minutes each.
  • For continuous practice and consolidation of language skills.
  • Minimum duration: 3 months. One month consists of 4 teaching weeks, no calculation of holidays.
  • Number of participants: 4-8 persons.

Business English one-to-one tuition

  • One-to-one lessons can be even more specific to the needs of people who want to learn business language skills.
  • Flexible number of lessons and dates, one lesson lasts 45 minutes.
  • Flexible duration

Business English Intensive Course

  • 5x per week (Monday to Friday) 6 lessons of 45 minutes per day.
  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • For an intensive refresher and extension of language skills in a limited period of time.
  • Recognised as educational leave
  • Number of participants: 4-8 people

Everything about private lessons for adults at a glance

Learn English in private lessons with your personal English teacher: The teacher plans the course with you, prepares you for individual topics, e.g. business communication, giving presentations in English or preparing for an English certificate (Cambridge Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL).

Learning level: For every learning level; learning objectives and focus can be determined by you, the teacher adapts to your learning speed. This way you will make great progress in a short time.

Lesson duration: One lesson lasts 45 minutes. The number of lessons as well as the lesson times can be arranged flexibly.

Duration: Individual; 10 lessons can be booked as often as you wish.

Number of participants: One person (if desired, also several people with the same learning level and goal who know each other).

The intensive courses for all language levels (A1-C1) take place daily from 10:00-15:15 at our language school in Frankfurt.

Everything about private lessons for students at a glance

English courses for pupils: At our language school in Frankfurt, children and young people aged 7-19 can (regularly) improve their English skills in the afternoons after school. They are supervised and individually supported by qualified native speakers.

Alter der Schüler: 7-19 Jahre

Lernniveau: Der Lehrer passt den Unterricht individuell auf das persönliche Lernniveau des Schülers an.

Laufzeit: Es können paketweise immer 10 Lektionen auf einmal gebucht werden.

Unterrichtsstunden: Eine Lektion umfasst 45 Minuten.

Teilnehmerzahl: 1-2 Personen (Einzelunterricht)

The booked lessons can be chosen flexibly on your desired weekdays between 12:30 and 17:00. The start is possible at any time.

Everything important about our holiday camps at a glance

In our English holiday courses, young people aged 13 to 19 can improve their English skills during the summer and autumn holidays. This prepares them for the new school year, for an upcoming student exchange, the start of a career or even a course of study in which English is required.c

Age of learning group: 13-19 years

Learning level: A minimum of B1 is required.

Duration: Courses can be booked by the week during the summer and autumn holidays.

Lessons: The course comprises either 20 or 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week.

Activity programme: In summer, our tutors organise a varied programme of leisure activities and excursions after the lessons, during which the English students can explore Frankfurt and the region together with international students who are learning German in Frankfurt and thus make new contacts with other young people from all over the world.

Number of participants: 5-15 people per course

Courses can be booked by the week via the advertised dates. No classes on public holidays.

Accommodation in Frankfurt

Do you need accommodation for the duration of your language course in Frankfurt?

To your accommodation in Frankfurt

FAQ about our English courses in Frankfurt

Our Frankfurt language school is located in the beautiful Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt. Your English language course will take place there. Alternatively, your English language course can also take place online.

You can easily reach our Frankfurt language school via the Schweizerplatz underground station. From there, it is only about a five-minute walk to our Frankfurt language school. The Südbahnhof station is also in the immediate vicinity.

If you prefer to come to your English course in Frankfurt by car, we offer free parking at our language school. If all of these parking spaces are occupied, you will have no problem finding a parking space in the vicinity of our language school in Frankfurt.

Before your first lesson, you will take our Sprachcaffe placement test. This will determine your language level. In this way, we ensure that you are placed in the English language course that is right for you. The lessons are planned and held independently by your English teacher. He sorrouly plans and prepares his English courses. However, you also have a voice in the course. If certain topics are particularly important to you, you can discuss this with your English teacher, who will then adapt his or her English lessons to the wishes of the participants.

At our Frankfurt language school, we have a very well-trained team of native English teachers. We always make sure that our team of teachers is always up to date and uses modern teaching methods. Depending on the dates of your English course, your English teacher will be ready for you.

Generally, you will have the same teacher for the entire time you are taking English courses with us in Frankfurt. However, this only applies if your personal schedule does not change significantly.

In the English course you not only have a fixed contact person with fixed dates, but you also learn in a group together with other people who want to improve their English. This makes learning English not only more fun, but also much more effective! In general, with an English course in Frankfurt you get much more structure in your English learning, because your well-trained English teacher will always make sure that your learning progress continues. With our English courses in Frankfurt, you will quickly reach your learning goals.

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