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Language course in Frankfurt: Find the right language course for your needs

Excellent language courses in Frankfurt: In Frankfurt, Sprachcaffe offers unique language courses in a variety of foreign languages, including English, Spanish, French and many more. These courses are ideal for improving your language skills and discovering new languages.

Innovative learning methods and environment: The language school in Frankfurt creates a dynamic atmosphere for language learning with 18 spacious classrooms. In classes of 8 to 15 students, you will experience an interactive and personalized learning experience. The methodology is student-centered and takes place in a welcoming environment.

Focus on personal interaction: Sprachcaffe Frankfurt emphasizes interpersonal interaction and therefore deliberately reduces the use of technology. This approach allows students to focus on learning and building real relationships.

Official TELC exam center: The school is also an official TELC exam center. It offers professional preparation courses that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the TELC exam. The exams can be taken in the familiar environment of the school, which seamlessly connects the learning and exam process.

Language courses in Frankfurt for every need

Intensive courses

Are you ready to take your language skills to the next level? Our intensive course is just right for you! With several lessons a day, you will not only experience rapid progress, but also a deep immersion in the language of your choice. Let yourself be inspired by the dynamism and efficiency of our course and enjoy a learning experience that is as intensive as it is enriching.

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Courses for pupils

Unleash your full academic potential! In our language course, you can expect tailor-made tuition in various foreign languages, perfectly matched to your personal learning goals. Let's work together to achieve excellent language skills and let your linguistic talents shine.

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Individual lessons

Are you looking for a language course that adapts perfectly to your individual needs and offers you maximum flexibility in terms of time? Discover our one-to-one lessons that are tailored to you. Or would you like to share the learning experience with a friend? In our "Duo" course, you can enjoy the benefits of individual learning together.

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TELC preparation courses

At our Sprachcaffe in Frankfurt, we welcome you to join us on the path to successfully completing your TELC exam. With structured learning methods and practice-oriented exercises, we accompany you in a targeted manner on your way to the language certificate you long for. Rely on our proven experience and professional expertise to help you achieve your language goals.

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Evening courses

Are you busy during the day or only have limited time available? Our evening courses, which take place once a week, offer the perfect solution for you. These courses allow you to improve your language skills gradually and without stress. Enjoy learning in a dynamic group atmosphere where you can make progress together with other language enthusiasts.

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IELTS preparation courses

Improve your English skills in our inviting IELTS preparation courses! With the help of our qualified teachers in Frankfurt, you'll achieve your desired certificate with ease. We specialize in guiding you to success through targeted support and effective training.

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Our language courses at a glance

Teaching methods for learning a foreign language

In a world dominated by technology, Sprachcaffe Frankfurt offers a refreshingly different approach to language learning. Our proven learning strategies for language acquisition focus on personal relationships and active participation, away from screens. Discover how real communication and interaction can deepen your language understanding and help you communicate authentically and confidently in any language. Ready for a truly connective learning experience? Learn more about Sprachcaffe's teaching methods "

Online language courses

All language courses can also be done online. Learn languages in the usual Sprachcaffe quality with qualified language teachers in small groups or completely individually.

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FAQ on the topic of language courses

We offer three different types of courses at our Frankfurt language school. These are Individual Course, Intensive Course and Afternoon & Evening Course. Depending on your preferences and individual requirements, these three course types offer you different advantages. If, for example, you only have time for a language course in the evening due to your job, our evening course is a good choice. If you want to improve your language skills quickly, the intensive course is just right for you. The individual course is perfect for individual tuition with an unlimited say in how the lessons are organised.

With regard to the location of your language course, you have the choice between an online language course, which is conducted via the Internet from home, or an on-site language course at our language school in Frankfurt.

You can choose from a variety of languages to learn with us. In addition to Turkish, Greek or Japanese, you can also prepare for the Latin exam with our Latin course. Please note that languages that are not part of our normal offer can only be booked as individual lessonsa. For further information, please contact us.

With a language course at a language school, you place the planning of your learning units in the hands of experienced professionals who have already helped many language students achieve their language goals over a long period of time. Language schools also offer you the opportunity to learn together with other language enthusiasts in learning groups. This way, you not only learn a new language, but also make new international friends.

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