Preparation courses for the telc certificate exams in Frankfurt

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Sprachcaffe as your guide to the TELC certificate

At Sprachcaffe, we not only offer preparation courses for the TELC certificates in German, but also in other languages. Our courses cover all levels, from A1 for beginners to C2 for advanced language users. The aim of these courses is not to prepare you for the exam, but to sharpen your communicative skills for everyday and professional situations.

Broad recognition and diverse areas of application: The TELC certificates, especially for German, enjoy worldwide recognition. They are valued by numerous educational institutions, companies and authorities as reliable proof of language skills. They are a key to admission to universities, improve your chances when applying for jobs and support immigration processes.

Specialized certificates for professional requirements: In addition, TELC offers specialized certificates tailored to specific professional or life needs. Examples include 'telc Deutsch für Pflegeberufe' or 'telc Deutsch für Ärzte', which certify specific language skills in these specialist areas.

Complete exam preparation and implementation at Sprachcaffe

A particular advantage of our offer at Sprachcaffe is that you not only receive comprehensive preparation for the TELC exam, but also have the opportunity to take the exam directly with us. This offers participants a seamless and convenient experience as you can go through the entire process - from preparation to certification - in one place. We make sure you are fully prepared for the exam and support you every step of the way.

Your goal: The TELC exam in Frankfurt

Finally, with the option of taking the TELC exam in Frankfurt at our Sprachcaffe TELC examination center, we offer you a holistic and efficient solution for your language certification. Benefit from the convenient location of our center in Frankfurt and our expertise to achieve your language goals.

Why targeted preparation for the TELC exam is crucial

Are you dreaming of studying, developing your career or planning to acquire new language skills for immigration reasons? Then targeted preparation for the TELC exam is an essential step for you. Imagine having a TELC certificate, for example at level B2 - a real milestone that opens doors and creates opportunities.

It's not just about consolidating and expanding your German language skills. Understanding the structure and format of the exam is just as important. At Sprachcaffe, we not only offer you the chance to perfect your language skills, but also prepare you for the specific requirements of the exam. Our expertise and tailor-made exercises significantly increase your chances of success.

Your key to success: by preparing thoroughly at Sprachcaffe, you create the best conditions for a successful performance in the TELC exam. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and achieve your language goals. We look forward to accompanying you on this important stage of your educational or professional journey and guiding you to success.

Preparation courses for the TELC certificates

Once you have completed our placement test, the exciting phase begins: together we plan your individual path to the TELC exam. We carefully consider your current language level, the desired target level and, of course, the time frame available until your exam.

Flexible and customized course formats: We offer our TELC preparation courses as dynamic group intensive courses where you can benefit from group dynamics and interactive learning approaches. If you prefer a more personal learning experience, you also have the option of individual coaching in one-to-one lessons. Our preparation courses start regularly on the first Monday of each month and can be booked flexibly for a period of two to four weeks.

Your next step: The TELC exam: Whether you want to prepare for university, expand your professional skills or take the exam for immigration purposes, we at Sprachcaffe are here to support and guide you along the way. Together we will achieve your goal: the successful completion of the TELC exam.

All important information about the TELc preparation course at a glance


  • Duration: 2 to 4 weeks
  • Course duration: 30 teaching units (TU) in total.
    Monday to Friday 09:00 to 14:15 (including breaks)
  • Course level: B1 and B2
  • Course fee: 340 € per course week.
  • Number of participants: Maximum 15 participants
  • Minimum age: 18 years (exceptions are possible)

Course details

Our TELC preparation course combines effective learning and targeted exam preparation. It consists of an advanced German course in the morning with 4 teaching units (TU), followed by a TELC module with 2 TU. You will experience 30 inspiring lessons per week, divided into 20 lessons for the advanced course and 10 lessons of exam-specific training, with lesson times from 09:00 to 14:15.

We offer courses for levels B1 and B2. The course size varies between 4 and 15 participants in order to guarantee personal attention. For smaller groups, we adapt the lessons to ensure the highest quality of learning at all times.

Take the decisive step towards your success

Don't miss the opportunity to optimally prepare for your telc exam. Register now for our preparation courses and lay the foundations for your academic and professional success. With the telc certificate in your hand, doors will open for you worldwide:

  • Academic recognition: use the telc certificate as a springboard for your study and research career at prestigious universities.
  • Professional opportunities: Increase your job prospects and prove your language skills to employers in an international environment.

Our preparation courses offer you not only expert guidance from experienced teachers, but also tailor-made learning materials and a practice-oriented approach. Take advantage of this opportunity now and sign up. Your future won't wait - seize it now by passing the telc exam!

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