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Private lessons in our language school in Frankfurt

With our one-to-one lessons, your language teacher can focus perfectly on you, your goals and your current language level. He or she will work with you to design a personalized learning strategy that will help you progress quickly. In this way, you will soon reach your learning goals.

Another advantage of having a one-to-one lesson is that your teacher can adapt to your learning speed and type. For example, if you are a visual learner, your teacher will adapt his lesson plan to the needs of a visual learner. This way you will improve your language skills very quickly!

Our individual lessons at a glance

  • The course duration for private lessons is at least 1 week.
  • The lessons per day can be arranged individually. Depending on personal preference, 2, 4 or 6 lessons of 45 minutes each can be booked.
  • For individual lessons, the maximum course size is one person.
  • The minimum age for private lessons is 18 years. For 16 or 17 year olds, a letter of consent from the parent or guardian must be presented.
  • Private lessons are offered for all levels (A1 to C2).
  • Private lessons are offered all year round.

Flow of the individual lessons

1. Getting to know each other and placement test on the first day of the course.
2. Discussion of the learning objective, learning strategy and consolidation.
3. Targeted implementation of the learning strategy.
4. Adaptation of the learning strategy according to the learning progress.

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Private lessons advantages

One-to-one tutoring offers professionals and executives an effective way to learn a language. There are several advantages it offers, such as a higher level of engagement from a single teacher, a greater degree of flexibility, faster processing of grammar and vocabulary, and increased motivation.

✔ Flexibility in scheduling.
✔ Immediate feedback and support from the teacher.
✔ More time to speak freely and more opportunities to learn natural pronunciation.
✔ A reduced time commitment to the exercises and lessons.
✔ A more intensive learning experience to learn the language faster.

✔ An individualized approach tailored to the learner's specific needs.
✔ A better understanding and ability to progress more quickly.
✔ Personal attention from the teacher to ensure that learners are using the right learning methods.

Individual advantages

One-on-one tutoring allows the student to develop their individual learning strategies based on their needs and abilities. The language teacher can help the student develop the best possible strategy to achieve the goal. In private tutoring, the teacher can better understand and adapt the student's learning style and create a customized tutorial to meet the student's specific needs. By providing a pleasant and comfortable learning environment, the student can feel at ease while learning. One-on-one tutoring allows the teacher and student to customize their lesson plan to meet the student's specific needs and plan interactive lessons. It also gives the student the opportunity to learn more about the language and culture they are learning.

Executives and professionals benefit

One-to-one lessons can help executives and professionals improve their language skills. The teacher can easily monitor the student's progress and help them achieve their goals. The tutor can help the student improve their listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills while also teaching them how to hold conversations and how to effectively stimulate a conversation. The private tutor can also help the student increase their competence in the language and help them navigate a new culture. The student can also receive more feedback to monitor and improve their progress. In addition, the teacher can help the student improve their creative skills by teaching them how to speak, write, and argue about a topic. The teacher can also help the student improve their presentation skills by teaching them how to effectively present their arguments to an audience.

The influence of language knowledge on intercultural perception

Language skills are an essential factor contributing to the development of intercultural skills. Language enables us to understand a culture and provides a basis for appreciative interaction between people of different cultures and beliefs. To develop intercultural skills, it is essential to gain a deep insight into the culture and language of another country. Professionals and executives who move internationally are in a particularly favorable position to learn a new language and develop intercultural skills. Because they are already in a particular social and cultural context, they can easily connect with other cultural contexts and thus expand their knowledge of other cultures.

English is a lingua franca that is widely used in business as well as in academia and international tourism. Therefore, it is important for professionals and executives who move internationally to be confident in their command of the English language in order to improve their intercultural skills and be perceived as competent. A flawless understanding of the English language allows us to access a variety of cultural and social contexts. It gives us the ability to connect, communicate, interact and cooperate with others, regardless of cultural differences.

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German as a foreign language (DaF) in private lessons offers many advantages. Professionals and executives can make faster progress in their German language skills. Individualized instruction allows learners to tailor lessons to their needs and goals. Whether online or at a location of your choice, private lessons help you quickly improve your German skills and be perceived as a competent colleague. You will be able to absorb and understand content quickly and easily. Use private lessons to improve your German language skills!

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FAQ about private lessons

For your one-to-one lessons, one of our qualified teachers, who are also native speakers of the language you want to learn, will take over. He will help you achieve your learning goals quickly and efficiently.

On the first day of your one-to-one lessons, you will take a placement test to determine your current language level. Based on this, you will clarify the learning objectives and learning strategy with your language teacher. During the entire period of your one-to-one lessons you will receive individual language training, which will work specifically on your weak points.

One-to-one lessons are perfect for receiving individualized language instruction. Your teacher can focus perfectly on you and your needs. This way you will improve your language skills quickly and efficiently.

You also have the possibility to do your individual lessons in the form of an online language course. For more information, please visit our online lessons page.

Since you can discuss your learning goals and points of emphasis individually with your language teacher, it is also possible to improve your language skills for your job and career during your individual lessons.

At Sprachcaffe Frankfurt you can take almost any language as private lessons. Our normal offer includes the languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. These can be booked at any time and immediately. For all other languages, such as Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish or Russian, we need some time to organize your private lessons in Frankfurt. This waiting time is between one and four weeks, depending on the foreign language and the availability of the teachers. So don't hesitate and let us know as soon as possible. This way we can quickly start planning your private lessons.

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