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Educational leave in Frankfurt

Educational leave is a special form of leave and is used for professional, political and general further education. In most of the federal states there is educational leave, including in Hesse. If you as an employee are entitled to educational leave according to the Bildungsurlaubsgesetz, your employer releases you from work for the duration of the educational leave (usually one or two weeks). This means that you will receive paid leave for your participation in the educational leave.

The intensive language courses at our language school in Frankfurt are recognized as Bildungsurlaub for language courses in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Educational leave as a language course is particularly popular and can also be advantageous for your employer. For example, if English language skills are important for your job, your employer may well contribute to the cost of the language course.

You would like to take your educational leave abroad? We will gladly inform you about the possibilities!

Apply for educational leave in three steps: This is how it works

1. Planning with the employer

Check with your employer in good time to find a suitable time for the special leave. It usually lasts one week, but it is also possible to carry over the entitlement from the previous year to the next year, thus extending the educational leave. Our intensive courses start regularly; the exact starting dates can be found in the respective course information.

2. Registration at Sprachcaffe

You register in writing for a language course at Sprachcaffe and immediately receive a confirmation of registration for your employer. This will certify that you are registered for a recognised educational course. We recommend registering with us at least 2-3 months before the course starts. Some employers contribute to the costs of educational leave, please ask them.

3. Confirmation for your employer

After completing the educational leave course, you will receive a certificate from us for your employer confirming proper participation in the educational leave. You submit this certificate to your employer after completing the course.

Educational leave in registration

Seize the opportunity for your professional and personal development now! Register for your educational leave today and receive all the necessary documents to claim your entitlement from your employer.

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge without taking a break from your salary. Don't miss out on this opportunity - your future starts now!

Frequently asked questions about educational leave

Whether you can take educational leave depends first of all on which federal state your workplace is in. Only in Bavaria and Saxony is there currently no entitlement to educational leave. In Hesse, the Hessian Educational Leave Act regulates the framework conditions. If you apply to your employer for educational leave, your employment or training relationship should have existed for at least six months.

An educational leave event usually takes place over five consecutive days and must, of course, be officially recognized.

Educational leave usually lasts one week (five course days). If you would like to take part in a language course for longer, you can book three weeks, for example, and take one week as educational leave.

If you do not take any educational leave in one year, you can carry over your entitlement for that year to the following year. You can then take two weeks of educational leave in the following year. It is important that you notify your employer in writing of the transfer by December 31.

Yes, the prerequisite is that your language course is recognized as educational leave. At our language school in Frankfurt, you can take intensive courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French as educational leave. You must book the course as an intensive course in order to meet the requirements.

Yes, if you take part in a recognized educational leave, you will continue to receive your salary. In practice, this works like additional paid leave. Of course, you must provide your employer with proof of participation after completing the educational leave. You will receive a certificate of attendance from us for this.

You should always try to declare professionally or business-related expenses in your tax return. Language skills are often important for your career. Ask your employer to confirm in writing that you also need the language skills for your job. Ideally, your employer will also cover part of the costs of the training leave. We will send you the invoice, a certificate of attendance and, if you wish, a description of the course content.

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English educational leave

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Educational leave for language courses

In order to meet the requirements for educational leave in the context of continuing vocational training, the language course must take place for at least 6 hours a day. In this respect, an intensive course must be booked in order to apply for educational leave.

Simply select the language you want and register for the intensive course there, leaving a note that you would like to take part in the language course as educational leave. We will then be happy to help you with the further formalities.

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Educational leave for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

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