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No time in the morning or at lunchtime? With our evening courses you can still improve your language skills!

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Afternoon and evening courses

Learn languages in a relaxed atmosphere: In our afternoon and evening courses, you can learn your desired language conveniently after work. These courses are particularly suitable for working people or anyone for whom a language course fits better into evening rather than daytime planning.

Our afternoon and evening courses take place once a week for two lessons of 45 minutes each, either face-to-face or online. In order to create an ideal learning atmosphere, the lessons are always held in small groups of 3 to a maximum of 8 people. The duration of the course is unlimited, but is at least three months. In principle, participation in our afternoon and evening courses is possible from the age of 18.

The advantages of an afternoon and evening course

- Relaxed learning in the evening
- Ideal for professionals with less time
- Guaranteed learning progress with four lessons per day
- Combines free time with learning a new language

The schedule of the afternoon and evening course

The procedure

Like every course, the afternoon and evening courses begin with a placement test to determine your current language level. Based on this, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, text comprehension and listening comprehension are taught in 4 lessons per day, five days per week. The content of the courses is designed so that none of the course participants feels underchallenged or overchallenged. In this way, a steady and lasting learning progress is guaranteed for each course participant.

A typical afternoon and evening course

Every day there are 4 lessons of 45 minutes each. The content of these lessons is typically structured as follows:

Lesson 1: Grammar and vocabulary expansion
Lesson 2: Conversations
Lesson 3 and 4: Reading, text comprehension, listening and writing.

This course structure is only an ideal typical structure of the afternoon and evening courses. Each course, together with the respective teacher, can vary the content according to the focus.

Conversation evenings

Would you prefer to develop your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere rather than in a classroom and focus on speaking freely? Then our conversation evenings are just right for you!

In these flexible courses, you will talk and discuss a weekly changing topic with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere. Your teacher will guide you through the evening and of course help you with any language difficulties, but also give you enough freedom to have an open discussion. Depending on the language, your culinary needs will also be catered for - drinks and snacks appropriate to the culture of your conversation evening are included in your course package.

Click here for our conversation evenings for English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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FAQ about the afternoon and evening courses

An afternoon and evening course offers them the opportunity to learn a new language while working. As the afternoon and evening course takes place in your free time, you can easily fit it into your everyday life. In addition, you are more relaxed in the evening and can follow the language lessons in peace. In the long term, you will make faster progress in learning your new language.

The afternoon and evening course starts with a placement test, which has a decisive influence on the course of your language lessons. Based on the results of the placement test, you will be placed in the most suitable course for your level. Depending on your language level and previous knowledge, the basics are built up first, gradually leading to a long-term improvement in your language skills.

A lesson is equivalent to one hour of instruction and lasts 45 minutes. The afternoon and evening course takes place on 5 weekdays and each teaching day has 5 lessons. The minimum duration of an afternoon and evening course is 1 week.

You have the choice of booking individual lessons as an afternoon or evening course or taking part in a group course in the evening. The number of participants for group lessons is between 6 and 12.

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