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Improve your language skills from the comfort of your own home.

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Online classes

From Frankfurt to the whole world: Our online courses allow you to learn languages conveniently and from any location. It doesn't matter whether the lessons take place from your sofa at home or on an exotic dream beach. All you need for the lessons is a stable internet connection and a video-capable device.

Virtual classroom

In our virtual classroom you will improve your language skills from the comfort of your own home.

Learning with real teachers

Our qualified teachers will help you to solve your language learning problems.

With certificate

Upon completion of your online language course, you will receive the Sprachcaffe certificate.

Individualized online teaching

You can work with your teacher to customize the content of the online lessons to your needs.

The advantages of online teaching

✔ Learning from home
✔ Convenient and successful learning
✔ No travel time to the course location
✔ Can be incorporated into any daily routine

Our online courses

Age: From 18 years

Learning level: A0 - C1 (except English: A2 - C1) - click here for our placement test.

Lessons: 2 lessons (45 minutes each) daily, Monday to Friday, 13:00-14:30

Number of participants: 8-10 people

Duration: from one week

Price: 100€ / week

Evening courses at a glance

In our online evening course in Frankfurt, you can study conveniently in the evening - after work, study or childcare. The online course takes place in small groups once or twice a week. The focus is on continuously improving your language skills.

Learning level: A0 to C1(placement test)

Lessons: 1 (90 min.) or 2 double lessons (180 min.) per week, starting at 17:30 or 19:00. A course month consists of 4 weeks of lessons.

Number of participants: 8-10 people

Duration: at least three months

Price: 70€ / month

Individual lessons

One-to-one lessons are the most flexible way to learn in terms of time and content: you can organize the course according to your preferences. An individual course can also be held with two or more participants as a "closed group".

Learning level: A0 to C1(placement test)

Lessons: flexible in terms of time and content

Number of participants: 1-2 (also possible in small groups by arrangement)

Duration: bookable from 10 lessons

FAQ about online classes

In order to participate in our online lessons without technical problems, you should have a basic requirement. Among other things, this includes a stable and preferably error-free Internet connection. You should also have a working microphone and webcam. The webcam and microphone of a laptop are sufficient. Ideally, you should also have a quiet workstation at home where you can concentrate on your online lessons in peace and without being disturbed.

Online classes can be booked either as private lessons or as group courses. We aim to keep fixed learning groups. In this way, the teacher can better adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the learning group and thus optimize his lessons. The focus of the lesson topics can also be set better with fixed learning groups. The learning groups consist of 6 to 12 participants.

The online lessons can be booked as a supplement to school lessons for students, for adults as further training or as part of an educational vacation. Thus, the online lessons are suitable for everyone.

You can use the test meeting to check that your microphone, camera, and other equipment are working. To make sure you have a fast enough internet connection, you can also test the speed of your internet before your first day of class.

You can prepare very well for the common language exams, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE, IELTS, DELE, DELF or CILS with our online lessons. It is best to talk to your teacher before the first day of class about your goal to take a language exam. Your teacher can then adjust his or her lesson plan to the requirements of the exam and give you the best possible preparation for the exam.

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