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The General Terms and Conditions for the language school in Frankfurt

1. This registration is binding for the months, weeks or hours indicated.

2. After this time you do not need to re-register, as renewal is automatic from month to month unless we have received written notice of cancellation. If you no longer intend to participate in the course after this time, please do not forget to cancel. The notice period is one month. No notice is required for intensive courses or individual tuition. Cancellation fees for cancellations are:

- up to 30 days before the start of the lesson: 25
- up to 15 days before the start of the course: 50 %, thereafter 90 % of the course costs.

3. A lesson month includes 4 weeks in which the course takes place, one lesson lasts 45 minutes. The tuition fee is due at the latest at the beginning. The prices quoted are per person.

4. We will make every effort to make up for missed lessons due to public holidays by agreement with the course participants and the language teacher, or to pay for them internally, which will extend the stated period accordingly.

5. There is no compensation for missed lessons! Interruptions due to illness and/or holidays in a continuous course (such as an evening course) will be reimbursed if they

a) last longer than 2 weeks and
b) the holiday is notified 2 weeks in advance,

will be credited as follows:

for 3 absences: 1 double lesson; for 4 absences: 2 double lessons; for 5 absences: 3 double lessons, etc.

However, holidays or absences due to illness can unfortunately not be offset against the notice period and can only be taken into account a maximum of 2 times in the calendar year.

6. The group course (evening course) booked at the time of registration can only take place or be continued if there is a sufficient number of participants (i.e. 2 persons in groups of 3 participants, 3 persons in groups of 6, 4 persons in groups of 8, etc.).

If, in exceptional cases, the minimum number of participants for a standard or intensive course is not reached, the language school in Frankfurt will continue to run the course, but the total number of lessons in the respective weeks will be reduced as follows:

Intensive Course: German
  participants lessons per week  
  8+ participants 30 lessons  
  7 participants 26 lessons  
  6 participants 24 lessons  
  5 participants 22 lessons  
  4 participants 20 lessons  
  3 participants 16 lessons  
  2 participants 12 lessons  
  1 participant 10 lessons  
Intensive Course: Other Languages
  Number of Participants Lessons per week  
  4+ Participants 30 Lessons per week  
  3 Participants 22 Lessons per week  
  2 Participants 16 Lessons per week  
  1 Participants 10 Lessons per week  
Standard Course: German
  participants lessons per week  
  8 participants 20 lessons  
  7 participants 17 lessons  
  6 participants 16 lessons  
  5 participants 15 lessons  
  4 participants 13 lessons  
  3 participants 11 lessons  
  2 participants 8 lessons  
  1 participant 6 lessons  
Standard Course: Other Languages
  Number of Participants Lessons per week  
  4+ Participants 20 Lessons per week  
  3 Participants 14 Lessons per week  
  2 Participants 10 Lessons per week  
  1 Participants 6 Lessons per week  

In any case, it may be considered as an "upgrade", an increase in quality, at no extra cost to you.

8. Appointments for private lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance!

9. Educational leave: When applying for and taking educational leave, participation in language classes is obligatory. The school management and the employer must be informed immediately of any absences. Changes (date, course, language) and/or cancellations must be made immediately and in writing. This applies in particular if the employer does not accept the desired educational leave date. In this case, please provide us with the relevant notification from the employer. Up to 2 rebookings will be made free of charge, for each further change we unfortunately have to charge 30,- EUR!

10. The parties agree not to entice away or employ each other's permanent or freelance employees directly or even indirectly. In the event of a breach of the prohibition of enticement, the party acting in breach of the contract shall be obliged to pay a contractual penalty of up to EUR 10,000.

11. Visa: In order to obtain the approval letter required by the Embassy for the issuance of a visa, at least 40% of the total amount must be paid together with an additional non-refundable fee of 50 EUR. Additional non-refundable costs may be incurred for sending the letter. In case of visa refusal, a full refund minus the non-refundable fees can only be made if the student submits the refusal letter issued by the embassy at least 15 days before departure (official proof of visa refusal is required). After this date, we will consider the student's participation confirmed and normal cancellation / rebooking fees will apply. If the visa has not been issued 16 days before the start of the course, we strongly recommend that the course is rescheduled. In this case, the first rebooking fee will not apply.