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Language courses in Frankfurt for the foreign language of your choice

At Sprachcaffe, you can learn Spanish, French, Italian and many other languages effectively and with a lot of fun. No matter whether you want to continue your education for professional or private purposes - at the Sprachcaffe language school in the heart of Frankfurt, we offer you the right language course. With native-speaking teachers, together with other language enthusiasts and in a pleasant atmosphere, you can learn Spanish, French, Italian or other languages easily.

Other languages im Angebot von Sprachcaffe

Are you looking for a completely different language? Whether Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Greek and much more - it is possible to take courses in numerous other languages in private lessons. Just drop by our language school in Frankfurt.c

How about Chinese, for example? Chinese is spoken by 1.2 billion people, making it the most widely spoken native language in the world. It is spoken in the People's Republic of China, but also in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. But Latin is also still an important language today. The importance of Latin today lies primarily in a rich vocabulary that is used in subject areas such as science, politics, theology and literature. Knowledge of Latin paves the way to certain courses of study and professions.

Course types at a glance

Evening classes for adults

Age: From 18 years

Number of participants: 4-8 persons

Course duration: the lessons take place 1x per week for 2 hours à 45 min. The minimum duration is 3 months, there is no limited maximum duration. One month consists of 4 teaching weeks, there are no lessons on public holidays.

Intensive Courses Adults

Age: from 18 years

Number of participants: 4-8 people

Course duration: The intensive course includes 6 lessons of 45 minutes each from Monday to Friday. The language course can be booked for a duration of one week or for 2 weeks.

Intensive courses can also be booked as educational leave.Please indicate this when registering.

Private lessons adults

Age: from 18 years

Number of participants: One person (for several people with the same language level who want to learn together, or e.g. companies, we offer special conditions).

Course duration: The lesson times can be arranged flexibly, as can the learning content. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Private lessons for children

Kids Club Age: 7-10 years

Teens Club Age: 11-19 years

Lessons: 45 Minutes each can be taken flexibly between 12:30 and 17:00. Lesson times can be arranged flexibly.

Number of participants: Individual lessons or in pairs

Would you like to learn a new language with us? Then don't hesitate and sign up for one of our language courses!

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