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German One-to-One Course

Learn German in an individual one-to-one lesson!

Private lessons can be scheduled flexibly depending on your needs. For groups of people that know each other, have about the same knowledge of a given language and have the same learning objectives, we offer these customized lessons at a special rate. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Course fees

Course lengthPrivate courseCourse for 2 peoplePrivate course (15:00 - 17:30)Course for 2 (15:00 - 17:30)
10 hours€ 310€170 pp€295€160 pp
20 hours€ 595€335 pp€570€310 pp
additional 10 hours€295€165 pp€280€150 pp

* Happy Hour is from 15:00 until 17:30.

All shown prices apply only for private persons.

For companies, goverment angencies and other organizations, prices are available upon request.