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Language course for children and teenagers in Frankfurt

At our Frankfurt language school, we offer children and teenagers suitable language courses to improve their language skills in the long term and achieve better grades in English, German and almost every third foreign language. Our experienced language teachers know exactly what is important when learning a language.

But that's not all! During the summer months, our language students benefit from our other guests. Numerous students between the ages of 12 and 21 come to us in Frankfurt to spend a great summer and have fun improving their foreign language skills. Take the chance to learn a foreign language together with us in an international group!

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International group

Meet participants from all over the world!

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Our teammates take care of our students at all times!

Language course for students from Frankfurt

Discover our supervised learning offer in Frankfurt and learn more about our language courses for students. We offer a customized learning program for children aged 7 to 19, led by native-speaking teachers. Our flexible course schedules allow you to adjust the course schedule to best fit your child's schedule. Our goal is to provide your children with a safe and enjoyable learning environment where they can improve their language skills and social competencies.

Get an overview of our course offerings for children and teens and learn more about our services here. We are also happy to support you in creating a customized support concept for your child.

Standard course in Frankfurt

In the Standard Course you have the opportunity to improve your foreign language skills in 20 lessons per week together with up to 12 other course participants. The lessons are ideal for students in Frankfurt who want to improve their language skills during the vacations. Our experienced language teachers design the lessons in a varied way to motivate you and to make learning as pleasant as possible. In the Standard Course you can prepare for upcoming exams at school and improve your language skills.

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Intensive course in Frankfurt

In the intensive course in Frankfurt, you have the opportunity to work intensively on your foreign language skills in a group of up to 12 other course participants. This offers you the chance to make fast progress in an effective learning environment and to bring your language skills to a higher level. Your qualified language teacher is always at your side to help you achieve better grades. The intensive course is ideal for students in Frankfurt who want to prepare for the Abitur or want to make fast progress.

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Tutoring with Sprachcaffe

Improve your grades in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German with our tutoring services at Sprachcaffe language school in Frankfurt. Our tutoring courses will help you work on your weaknesses and get you excited about learning languages.

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Vacation courses for children and teenagers

Are you ready for an unforgettable summer adventure? Then join us in Frankfurt and become part of our international language camp for English and German as a foreign language! Here, young people between the ages of 12 and 21 from all over the world meet in Frankfurt to learn and grow together.

Student language course

Improve your language skills in a standard or intensive course in Frankfurt.

Leisure program

Discover Frankfurt and the surrounding area in our varied leisure activities.

Packed lunch

A delicious packed lunch awaits you during your lunch break in Frankfurt am Main.

In addition to the high-quality language lessons, our experienced team organizes an exciting leisure program that leaves nothing to be desired. You will make new international friends, laugh together and have fun while improving your English.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our international language camps offer you a unique opportunity to improve your language skills in an international group and to get to know new cultures. Your classmates and your English teacher will be amazed at how good your English will be after the summer vacations!

So don't miss the chance to become part of this international community and spend your summer vacations in the best possible way.

FAQs about our language courses for students

In our Frankfurt language school you can attend language courses in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

We also try to organize classes in any other language upon request. So if you need a language course in Arabic or Latin, for example, you are welcome to contact us and we will organize a language course for you in the language of your choice.

In our Frankfurt school, students have the choice between two attractive types of language courses. On the one hand, there is the standard course, which consists of 20 lessons per week of 45 minutes each. On the other hand, we offer students from Frankfurt and the surrounding area an intensive course. The intensive course consists of 30 lessons per week of 45 minutes each.

We will be happy to advise you and help you find the right language course for students!

We organize our Sprachcaffe language courses for students between the ages of 12 and 21. So if you have just started English lessons or your third foreign language, you can work on your grades from the beginning in our language courses.

On the other hand, if you are about to graduate or are in the process of graduating from high school, we can help you make up for any shortfall in your knowledge or help you prepare for your final exams.

Do you plan to study a foreign language after school? Then you can also come to us in Frankfurt and we will help you prepare for your studies.

Every year during the three summer months we expect an international community from all over the world. Our international student group is mainly composed of students from European countries such as Italy, France or Spain. But also students from countries outside Europe, especially from Latin America and Asia find their way to our Sprachcaffe language school in Frankfurt.

An intercultural group from different countries offers the best conditions for an exciting and educational summer. During this time you will learn English by yourself. But you can also develop your cultural competence and your intercultural knowledge in the numerous leisure activities in our international group.

A group consists of at least 4 participants. In your Frankfurt language course there is a maximum of 12 participants per learning group. This ensures optimal conditions for group work and improving your language skills together.

We provide comprehensive care and support for our language students around the clock. Our highly trained team of supervisors, whom we affectionately call Teamer, are always on hand to help with all the children's needs. They are happy to support, happy to help and are present at all our leisure activities, ensuring an all-round carefree summer.

Would you like to find out more about our teamers? Then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and answer any questions!

The language course is the central part of our Frankfurt language school for students. Therefore, of course, you can also participate only in your language course.

During the summer months, a filling and balanced meal is offered daily at lunchtime. You will also receive a dessert and a good selection of drinks. For full day excursions we prepare a packed lunch for you. At our language school in Frankfurt, none of our language students have to go hungry.

In the summer package you will participate in a language course in English or German. You will also participate in our self-organized leisure activities in Frankfurt. The leisure activities are the ideal activity for the summer and consist of a wide variety of activities. So there will definitely be something for you. In addition to the points just mentioned, you can also choose to receive a packed lunch.

As you can see, we are well prepared for you. So don't be shy and come to us in Frankfurt and experience a unique summer!

There is something for everyone in our leisure program. There are sports activities such as bike tours, you can engage in cultural activities and benefit from the numerous museums on the Museeumsufer, very close to our Frankfurt language school, or you can take part in our numerous sightseeing tours in Frankfurt.