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Welcome to the telc examination center Frankfurt

The telc exam is an internationally recognized certificate that certifies your language competence in various languages such as German and English. At our telc examination center in Frankfurt, we offer several German exams to certify your language skills for academic, professional or private purposes.

Variety of telc exams: Our telc exams cover different levels of German language proficiency. Each exam is carefully designed to assess your language skills both in writing and in real-life communication situations.

Flexibility: We offer regular exam dates to give you the flexibility to take the exam at a time that suits you.

telc German exam dates 2024

German telc B1 exam:

Registration fee: 200 €

Dates: 14.06.2024, 28.06.2024, 12.07.2024, 26.07.2024, 09.08.2024, 23.08.2024, 13.09.2024, 27.09.2024

German telc B2 exam:

Registration fee: 200 €

Dates: 07.06.2024, 05.07.2024, 02.08.2024, 06.09.2024

German telc C1 exam for university:

Registration fee: 225 €

Dates: 21.06.2024, 19.07.2024, 16.08.2024, 20.09.2024

Structure and levels of the telc exams

Comprehensive assessment of your language skills: The telc exams are carefully designed to comprehensively assess your language skills. They consist of several parts: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Each part aims to test different aspects of your language skills.

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension tests your ability to understand written information. This section includes different types of text, from short messages to complex articles.

Oral expression

The oral part of the exam assesses how well you can express yourself clearly and fluently. The content varies, depending on the language level, from everyday communication situations to more demanding discussions and presentations.

Listening comprehension

Listening comprehension tests how well you understand spoken language. It includes recordings of dialogs and monologues. Everyday conversational situations are tested or you deal with more complex listening texts that require a higher level of concentration and language comprehension.

Written expression

In the written section, you show how well you can articulate your thoughts in text form - from basic writing skills to longer essays.

Differences between the telc levels

Customized challenges: At our examination center in Frankfurt, we cover language levels B1 to C1 (for university). Each level is carefully designed to assess and certify specific language skills to best demonstrate and develop your language competence.

B1 and B2 telc exam for intermediate level

B1: The exam requires an advanced level of understanding and the ability to communicate in everyday situations, express opinions and report on experiences.

B2: This exam requires a higher degree of independence. Candidates must be able to understand complex texts, produce detailed texts and express themselves clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics.

C1 telc exam for university

C1: This level assesses advanced language skills. Here, candidates must understand and produce complex texts, communicate fluently and spontaneously and use the language effectively and flexibly in professional, academic and social contexts.

Preparation for the telc exams

Preparing for the telc exams is a crucial step on the road to success. The combination of preparation courses, textbooks, practice materials and self-study forms a comprehensive strategy for preparing for the telc exams. With these resources and the right approach, you can best prepare for the challenges of the exam and achieve your language goals.

Preparation courses

Participation in special preparation courses, such as those offered by Sprachcaffe, is an extremely effective method. These courses are specifically designed to teach the skills required for the telc exams. Experienced teachers guide you through the different parts of the exam and provide practical exercises tailored to the telc standard.

Textbooks and exercise materials

In addition to courses, textbooks and special practice materials are also indispensable. They offer structured learning content and exercises that cover all aspects of the exam. By working with these materials, you can improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in a targeted manner. You will receive these materials during the telc preparation course.

Registration procedure and examination conditions

Simple registration process and clear examination rules

Registering for the telc exams in Frankfurt and understanding the exam requirements are essential steps to ensure that your exam experience runs smoothly and successfully. If you have any questions or uncertainties, our team at the examination center is always available to provide support.

Registration process

  1. Selecting the exam: Start by selecting the desired telc exam that corresponds to your language level and your goals.
  2. Registration deadline: Note the registration deadlines, which usually end a few weeks before the exam date. Early registration is recommended to secure a place.
  3. Registration: Register via the online form or in person at our examination center. We will need personal information and a copy of your ID or passport.
  4. Fees and payment: The examination fees must be paid after registration. Payment can be made online or directly at our examination center.

Conditions and rules

  • Punctuality: Punctuality is essential on the day of the exam. Delays can lead to disqualification.
  • Identification: Bring a valid ID with photo (identity card, passport) for identification.
  • Exam material: You do not need any materials for the exam, we will provide you with everything you need (pens, paper, etc.). You are welcome to take a water bottle - without a label - into the examination room.
  • No aids: Electronic devices, including cell phones and wristwatches, are not permitted during the exam.
  • Exam atmosphere: It is important to maintain a calm and respectful atmosphere throughout the exam.
  • Follow-up: After the exam, you will receive information about the availability of the results and the procedure for issuing the certificate.

History and importance of telc exams

Fromthe beginnings to global recognition:telc examinations, also known as "The European Language Certificates", have their origins in the 1960s. They were developed to provide a standardized method of assessing and certifying language skills in various European languages. Since then, telc has developed into one of the leading examination organizations, offering examinations in over 20 languages. This success is reflected in the increasing number of participants at our telc examination center in Frankfurt.

Growing importance in an international context: Today, telc examinations are highly regarded not only in the European educational area, but also internationally. They serve as a reliable measure of language competence that is recognized by educational institutions, employers and government authorities worldwide. At our examination center, we flexibly adapt the telc exam dates to meet the needs of our international candidates. The telc exams play a crucial role in promoting multilingualism and intercultural communication, making them an indispensable part of lifelong learning.

Recognition of telc certificates

telc certificates are more than just proof of your language skills; they are a key to numerous educational and professional opportunities. Their recognition and versatility make them a valuable tool for any language learner.

Academic recognition: In the academic world, telc certificates are a recognized measure of language competence. Many universities and colleges in Europe and beyond accept these certificates as proof of language ability for admission to degree programs. Especially for degree programs that require a certain level of language competence, the certificate is reliable proof of aptitude.

Professional relevance: On the job market, telc certificates open doors. Employers recognize the importance of these certificates as proof of the ability to communicate effectively in a foreign language. This is particularly valuable in international companies and for positions with foreign language contact. A telc exam can therefore be a decisive factor when looking for a job or for professional development.

The decisive step to your success

Don't miss the opportunity to optimally prepare for your telc exam. Register now for our preparation courses and lay the foundations for your academic and professional success. With the telc certificate in your hand, doors will open for you worldwide:

  • Academic recognition: use the telc certificate as a springboard for your study and research career.
  • Professional opportunities: Boost your job prospects with language skills in an international environment.

Our preparation courses not only offer you expert guidance from experienced teachers, but also tailor-made learning materials and a practice-oriented approach.

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